Equine & Canine inspired linocut art prints

Growing up in the farm country of the Midwest, I spent endless hours outdoors filling sketchbooks with images of the natural world. My present-day sketches provide the basis for the design of simple prints that evoke quiet moments and my intimate connection with animals. My designs originate not only from my connection to my own canines & equines, but also from captivating tales of kindred creatures. My prints intend to portray a moment, if only fleeting in the animal’s life.

All of my prints are original, one of a kind, hand-pulled linocuts. 

From rough pencil sketch to detailed hand carving of the block, each step in the printmaking process dictates the outcome of the final piece so that each print evolves as it is created. The prints themselves with unique papers and inks & the variability of the hand printing process along with the moods of nature in my studio that day create an unpredictable and always unique piece of art.

in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

I am inspired by animals of all kinds but misunderstood souls are particularly special to me. Many of my prints will ultimately find a home with rescue organizations donated to further efforts in the humane treatment of all living beings.